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Maintenance Release Soon
    suiciety - 2004-09-17 19:18
Pre-alpha 4 released
    suiciety - 2003-03-19 20:15
Pre-Alpha 3 released
    suiciety - 2002-12-28 16:34
pre-alpha3 soon
    suiciety - 2002-11-15 19:36
Pre-alpha 2 released
    suiciety - 2002-10-21 18:20

Welcome to my sourceforge page

Update : it's true, the project isn't dead. There will be a maintenence release soon to address a few bugs and add a few new features.
This next version will be the Beta and will then will be open to enhancments as the basic framework should be stable :)

Howdy, welcome. Here you will find a few of my GPL projects I have been working on.

Currently my main project is a PHP frontend to a few tools I have found that use MySQL. These are syslogld-mysql and mod_log_mysql.
As this is a new page it will take a while for it to get up to speed.. so please bear with. This is also my first project that has incorporated PHP but I believe it is already looking good.

I am currently in the process of polishing the UI for the mod_log_sql frontend as well as including features I believe are necessary at the basic.
Stay Tuned.

A PHP based log viewer that provides statistical summaries as well as host/virtual host/remote host drill down abliities for log files stored using the apache mod_log_sql module
A PHP log viewer that provides quick analysis of your syslogs from multiple hosts that have been stored in MySql using syslogd-mysql. suspended
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