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2004-09-28 - Almost 2 years after the last message I've updated the site. Currently I have removed the restrictions to running php with the registerglobals, fixed a few bugs and will be adding a few extra table checking features.
Future enhancements will probably involve integration with with some Authentication mechanisms to limit table views (ideal for ISP accounts) and more detail in the drill down view.

Currently I have done the following
  • Fixed some menu links
  • Removed register globals requirement for PHP
  • Verified against current versions of PHP, and the mod
  • Added extra details for individual links
  • More

Current version screenshot (28/09/2004)
2002-09-30 - First release of Apache-logViewSQL get the pre-alpha here.

This is my first serious PHP/MySQL project and it involves interfacing with logs created using mod_log_mysql.
It relies on the user choosing to use this apache module with the MassVirtualHosting directive with MySQLCreateTables enabled. Of course it will work without these directives/module IF the database has the following format: Format to be shown.

To this end it is possible to create a perl script that will convert apache logs into this database format for use by this project. If there is enough demand I may provide a sample script to do this.

screenshot of pre-alpha table view

Currently the pre-Alpha interface does the following:
Log database view
  • Provides a list of all database tables belonging to the logging process (i.e. in an environment with multiple tables acting as multiple logs)
  • Summary of total connections/4xx type errors/Total transferred/last request time:date and the number of attempted virus hits from each log table
Table space view
  • Number of unique status recorded in this log
  • Number and name of (virtual)hosts serviced by the log
  • Number of unique remote hosts
  • Host with the most requests
  • Country code of remote host
  • Summary of last 10 connections including requestURI, host address, status returned, bytes sent and date/time it occured
IP view
  • Number of requests
  • Remote host
  • First request from host
  • Last request from host
Host view
  • Request URI
  • Status returned
  • Bytes sent
  • Request time
MySQL (tested with 3.23)
PHP (tested with 4.1.2)
mod_log_sql style databases (tested with mod_log_sql 1.16)
Verified with
MySQL 4+
mod_log_sql 1.99
PHP 4.2+

This project uses some of these tools:
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